What does it take to become a VIP (Very Important Potato)? The kind that makes the long journey to become a Thrasher’s French Fry?

Well, our story begins in Idaho—or one of the other states in the Northwest—where the colder climate and rich soil guarantee a longer growing season.

The potatoes are harvested in in late September/early October and stored in “cellars” (huge, high tech, temperature-controlled storage facilities) where they are sorted and “graded.” Only the highest quality potatoes are deemed VIPs and begin their 2,500 mile journey to Ocean City, MD and delivered to Thrasher’s where they are stored in a unique repository between the Boardwalk and the Ocean to retain their freshness and flavor.

Then, before cooking, the VIPs are moved to stainless steel bins specially designed for Thrasher’s. Each bin hold 2,000 pounds of VIPs which are pre-soaked until they are ready to slice. A slicing machine—invented and designed by Thrasher’s to ensure the perfect cut every time—is used by our staff to cut our VIPs, one at a time.

Finally, our VIPs are ready to experience Thrasher’s unique frying process. Using only 100% pure peanut oil, they are cooked to perfection. Then they are salted and ready to serve!

Thrasher’s has three different size buckets for our VIPs and are served only with 100% Apple Cider Vinegar. The only other product available for sale at Thrasher’s… is Pepsi®.

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